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The quest for justice after a car accident requires the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney.
The right auto accident lawyer will help you maximize the value of your settlement.

Car Accident Lawyer Victorville

Most people are surprised to learn the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports traffic crashes are the top cause of death for Americans between the ages of 1 and 54.  The CDC also estimates that both non-deadly and deadly auto accidents will cost the global economy nearly $2 trillion from 2015 to 2030.  If you are involved in such an accident in San Bernardino County, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

At Rockview Accident Lawyers, our car accident lawyer is here to help those victimized by driver negligence.  We will do everything within our power to obtain the financial compensation you need and deserve after your accident.

Why Our Victorville Car Accident Attorney is the Best Option

No two accidents in Victorville, CA are exactly the same.  That means there is not an exact formula to apply in order to obtain compensation for an auto accident. This is where a personal injury lawyer is extremely helpful. At Rockview Accident Lawyers, our law firm specializes in accidents caused by another party’s negligence.

An experienced lawyer can analyze your auto accident case, answer your questions, and address your concerns from start to finish.  You will find our car accident law offices have a winning reputation for delivering aggressive representation and have recovered millions recovering in verdicts and settlements, even when a desirable outcome seems unlikely.

Therefore, regardless of being injured in a bicycle accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident, or rear-end collisions, every auto accident victim should be aware that there is a potential to obtain financial compensation–even if fault is shared between two or more parties, including yourself.

Although our practice areas cover a range of automobile-related crashes, we do not extend our legal services to criminal defense. However, if you are a victim of an auto accident but were partially responsible for the crash, our law offices can help you. For instance, our personal injury lawyers would never represent someone who was guilty of an egregious crime like drunk driving. Our law firm is only committed to helping victims get the compensation they deserve to cover property damage, medical expenses, and any other personal injury matters.

Reach out to Rockview Accident Lawyers in Victorville, CA today to schedule a free consultation so we can start analyzing the facts of your case and develop the optimal legal strategy. An attorney-client relationship is important to us. This is why each personal injury attorney works on a contingency basis, so we do not charge any legal fees and will not receive a penny unless we win your auto accident case.  In the context of a car accident case, victory for us constitutes a maximum court award or settlement.

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The Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Victorville, CA

Most people involved in an auto accident will assume the insurance company will take care of everything, cut a check, and that will be the end of the matter.  However, the insurance company will often lowball injured victims. They do this in an attempt to pay a lesser sum of money, instead of what is fairly owed.

Furthermore, insurance companies prey on accident victims who represent themselves for their cases with a “pro se” strategy. Instead of being unfairly targeted by a team of corporate attorneys, opt for the best auto accident lawyer in Victorville, CA.  Our law offices will study your unique personal injury case in-depth and tailor a legal strategy to the facts of your specific accident. We can go into detail during your free consultation.

Though plaintiffs can do some evidence gathering on their own to help their cases, the process will be much more tedious and time-consuming. Instead, our Victorville car accident lawyers and staff will conduct our investigation in order to obtain and analyze evidence.  The purpose of amassing and studying evidence is to highlight potentially liable individuals and other liable parties who are responsible for causing your severe injuries and property damage.

Our offices will advocate on your behalf out of court, as well as before a judge and jury.  In most cases, taking the initial settlement offer from the insurance company is a mistake.  We will strategically counter their lowball offers and represent you in court if settlement negotiations fail to result in an agreement.

Drivers in Victorville, CA should be aware that the state provides one opportunity to obtain financial compensation for property damage caused by an auto accident due to a negligent person’s actions or reckless driving.  However, plaintiffs are given two years from the date of the accident to take legal action and file a lawsuit.  Because of the statute of limitations and its time restrictions, ensure to meet with our car accident lawyer in San Bernardino County as soon as possible. Then, our law firm can begin building your case so we can recoup your losses from the insurance company. Schedule your free consultation with our car accident lawyer today.

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How Much CA Car Accident Claims Are Worth

If a car accident takes the life of a loved one, it might be worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.  According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), more than 33,000 fatal motor vehicle accidents occur in the United States every single year.  The CDC reports nine people are killed each day as a result of distracted driving.

No two car crashes result in the same amount of financial compensation.  For instance, all the costs associated with the accident, like medical bills, vehicle repairs, and even burial costs from a wrongful death outcome determine the level of financial compensation.  If the car crash causes victims to miss time at work, reduces working capacity, leaves them with costly medical bills, results in extensive pain and suffering, or creates another financial burden, claims will be worth that much more. However, not all lawyers based in Victorville, CA have the knowledge and resources to recover these damages.

The best way to determine if an auto accident lawyer is qualified to handle your case, reference online reviews. Rockview Accident Lawyers have a proven track record of winning 99% of our cases. Therefore, we are confident that our car accident lawyers can provide the necessary services to help you with your case.

Common Causes of Most Car Accidents in San Bernardino County

Some auto accidents in Victorville and throughout Southern California are the result of many different causes.  Driver negligence is the top cause of most accidents, yet it is not always 100% the sole cause of the crash.  A mechanic’s error, local government’s failure to post the speed limit, inclement weather, and other issues can contribute to, or directly cause a car crash.  Here’s a quick look at some of the most common causes of accidents in Victorville:

  • Driver recklessness – Speeding, tailgating, inattentiveness, and carelessness while behind the wheel can easily cause a potentially fatal collision
  • Distractions – The attempt to eat, drink, change a radio station or use a smartphone can distract the driver
  • Fatigue – A driver without sufficient rest is that much more likely to crash into another vehicle
  • Inebriation – The consumption of alcohol (drunk driving) and/or drugs prior to operating a motor vehicle
  • Excessive speed – Driving faster than the posted speed limit constitutes negligence

Our auto accident lawyer has taken on numerous cases involving driver negligence. Some law firms practice personal injury law, but do not specialize in auto accidents. However, our firm exclusively deals with motor vehicle-related accidents. Therefore, our lawyers know how to prove liability to the negligent party for the damages they caused.

How a Car Accident Lawyer Determines Liability

In order to collect damages from a car accident, negligence must be determined.  Negligence refers to one party’s failure to provide others in his or her vicinity with appropriate care.  The failure to uphold this duty of care constitutes a breach of that duty, equating to negligence.

Our auto accident attorney will analyze your case and prove one or several other parties were negligent.  If our firm can prove there is a connection between another party’s negligence and your injuries and/or property damage to your vehicle or other property, the stage is set for a sizable court award or settlement.

Common Injuries in Car Accidents

Accidents in Victorville, CA have the potential to be life-changing.  Some Victorville accidents result in paralysis or even death.  The rate of speed at the time of the collision along with the size of each vehicle and whether vehicle occupants were wearing seatbelts all play a role in determining the types of injuries that occur as well as the extent of those injuries.

Here is a quick look at some of the most common injuries:

  • Bone fractures – Bones have the potential to break upon the point of impact with another vehicle. Bones can also break after the deployment of the vehicle’s airbags and/or contact with seats, the steering wheel or other internal vehicle components.
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBIs) – Concussions, whiplash and other forms of brain damage that cause cognitive and motor functions to decline will make life that much more challenging in the aftermath of a car crash.
  • Scarring – A car crash can lead to permanent scarring or disfigurement, which can instill embarrassment or psychological trauma in victims.
  • Damage to internal organs – The physical impact of the crash has the potential to damage internal organs.
  • Back injuries – Spinal injuries can cause paralysis or lifelong pain. Acting as the core to support the body, an injury to the back can severely impact a person’s posture and functionality.

What to Do After a Car Accident in Victorville, CA

Your car crash is that much more likely to lead to financial compensation if you take the right steps after the collision.  In particular, it is important that you obtain immediate medical attention.  Then, obtain a medical report detailing your injuries and treatment to us establish a connection between the collision and the damage.

Also, contact the police so they can document the incident.  The police report can also be used in court.  If anyone witnessed the crash, write down their names and contact information.  Testimony from one or several eyewitnesses has the potential to make or break your case.

Then, to ensure personal injury claims are filed correctly, consult with an auto accident attorney. The firm you contact can provide guidance about what legal options are available to you. Call us for a free case evaluation to learn more.

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Contact a Car Accident Lawyer in Victorville

Choose the right lawyer in Victorville who specializes in the necessary practice areas of auto-related collisions. By doing so, you will heighten your chances of obtaining a significant amount of financial compensation that helps right this wrong.  Our legal team at Rockview Accident Lawyers will represent you in settlement negotiations and also in court.

Part of our attorney-client relationship will be to remain honest from the start of the case to when a settlement is reached. Our aim is to get you the money you are deservedly owed to offset losses ranging from medical costs to pain, suffering, vehicle damage, lost wages, and more.  Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.