Rehabilitation After a Car Accident: A Guide

A Guide to Car Accident Recovery

Car accidents require medical treatment and physical therapy.

Car accidents are traumatic events that can cause short-term or long-term physical and emotional injuries. The car accident recovery process can be long and arduous, but it is possible with the right treatment and support. 

You should always seek medical attention after car accident injuries, no matter how minor you think they are. You can also reach out to a car accident lawyer in Victorville to find out if you might benefit from filing a car accident claim. 


Common Types of Car Accident Injuries

Traumatic brain injury from a car accident

From the initial shock to the final treatment, a car accident injury can affect your life for just a day, a week, a month, or more. Whiplash is the most common car accident injury from rear-end collisions, while sprains and strains account for about half of ER visits. Common car accident injuries include:

Neck and Back Injuries

Injuries to the neck and back are some of the most common car accident injuries. Whiplash, which happens when the neck moves rapidly back and forth, can result in stiffness and soreness for several weeks or even months. A back injury can also be extremely painful, and may result in chronic pain. 

Broken Bones

A broken collar bone, wrist, or ankle can put a car accident victim out of work for an extended period of time. Recovery time depends on what bone breaks and how severe the fracture is. A lot of rest and pain relievers are generally considered the best treatment options for this type of injury. 

Soft Tissue Injuries

Contusions, strains, and sprains are common acute soft tissue injuries that can cause pain, swelling, bruising, and damage. While soft tissue injuries are common in sports, they can also happen from a sudden trauma, like a car accident. 

Traumatic Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs after a blow, jolt, or bump to the head or body. It can be minor, in the form of a concussion, or more serious and leading to significant brain damage. Bleeding or swelling of the brain may require surgery.

Internal Injuries

Serious injuries to internal organs like the kidneys or spleen require immediate medical treatment. Internal bleeding can also come from trauma like a car accident, and may not show immediate symptoms. This is why it is important to seek medical care as soon as possible after an accident. 


How Long Does It Take To Recover After A Car Accident?

Recovery after a car accident

Depending on the type of injury you sustained in the car crash, your recovery time may be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. In some cases, it may take one or more years to fully recover after a car accident injury. However, with the right medical care and treatment, you have a much higher chance of a quick recovery and a return to your normal activities. 


Types of Rehabilitative Therapy After A Car Accident

Physical therapy helps the healing process and speeds recovery time

After a car accident, you have several different recovery options, some of which are less invasive than others. You will need to work on a treatment plan with your doctor to decide what is the best type of therapy for your injury. These are some of the most common types of rehabilitation after a car accident: 

Physical Therapy 

Physical therapy, also known as physiotherapy, is a type of care that helps people recover from physical injuries that affect their ability to move and function normally. A physical therapist is a licensed medical professional who can develop a specific treatment plan for you and work with you to help relieve your pain. Physical therapy can help with both serious and minor injuries like knee injuries and spinal cord injuries. 

Massage Therapy

The use of massage therapy is known to be relaxing. It manipulates the soft tissues of the body using various pressure and movements. Massage therapy is proven to: 

  • Help reduce stress
  • Relieve pain and muscle tightness
  • Increase relaxation
  • Improve immune system function

Chiropractic Care

A chiropractor is a licensed health professional who focuses on healing the body’s neuromuscular system – the bones, nerves, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Chiropractors do not employ the use of medicine, but instead use the body to heal itself. Chiropractic care can be especially helpful for neck and back pain. 


This ancient practice places fine needles into strategic points of the body to treat pain. Acupuncture is used to help a variety of ailments including neck pain, lower back pain, and headaches. Speak to your doctor first before selecting an acupuncturist with the proper training and credentials. 


Tips to Recover at Home 

Accident recovery from chronic pain

In addition to rehabilitative therapy, there are simple things you can do at home to speed up your recovery and the healing process after a car crash. 

  • Use ice and heat: Applying ice or heat to your injuries can help reduce pain and inflammation. It is recommended to use ice for the first 24 to 48 hours after the injury and then switch to heat. Apply ice or heat for 15 to 20 minutes every few hours.
  • Rest and limit physical activity: Rest is essential after any kind of car accident injury. Rest as much as possible and avoid any strenuous or risky activities that could aggravate your injuries or cause new ones. Follow your doctor’s recommendations on when and how to resume your normal activities.
  • Do stretches and exercises: Gentle stretches and exercises can help improve your blood circulation, muscle tone, joint mobility, and healing process. 
  • Hydrate and eat healthy: Drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. A healthy diet will nourish your body and boost your immune system. 


Speak with an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents cause physical injuries
Suffering from a car accident injury can cause a lot of mental and physical pain. Additionally, car accident victims can experience financial hardship if they are unable to work and pay high medical bills. You should not have to bear these burdens if you did not cause the accident.

If you have been injured in a car accident due to someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages. Rockview Accident Lawyers can help you file a car accident claim so you can return to your normal life. 

Our Victorville car accident attorneys will assist you with every aspect of your claim and fight for the best possible outcome for your case. Schedule a free consultation with our experienced legal team by calling (760) 628-0818 or sending a message using our online form.

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