The Most Dangerous Roads in San Bernardino

The Most Dangerous Roads in San Bernardino

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Accidents in San Bernardino

San Bernardino County, the largest county in the lower 48 states, encompasses a diverse landscape of desert, city, and mountains, with miles of roadways connecting to major metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and Las Vegas. Unfortunately, with such extensive roadways and heavy traffic, San Bernardino also sees its share of traffic accidents involving cars, motorcycles, and trucks, resulting in injuries and fatalities. Many of these accidents are preventable and caused by factors such as speeding, driving under the influence, and distracted driving.

In particular, there are several roads in San Bernardino County that have gained notoriety as some of the most dangerous roads in the area. Let’s take a closer look at each of these roads and the reasons why they are considered dangerous.

1. State Road 138

State Road 138, also known as “Pearblossom Highway” or “Blood Alley,” is a major two-lane highway that stretches from Palmdale in the east to Los Angeles in the west. East of Interstate 15, SR 138 is notorious for its numerous twists and turns, making it challenging to navigate, especially for larger vehicles with a higher center of gravity. The scenic views along this highway can also be distracting to drivers, leading to accidents.

2. Interstate 15

Interstate 15, connecting Los Angeles and Las Vegas, is often referred to as one of the most dangerous roads in America. According to one study, over a 15-year period, 1,069 people were killed on I-15. One of the main concerns on this route is driving under the influence, as well as speeding by drivers who may feel the open road of the Mojave Desert gives them a sense of freedom to disregard speed limits.

3. Interstate 10

Stretching all the way from Los Angeles to Jacksonville, Fl, this 2,460-mile cross-country highway is frequently cited for poor road conditions, high traffic, and speeding drivers. The I-10 in San Bernardino, known as the San Bernardino Freeway, is the sight of frequent traffic collisions and big-rig accidents.

4. Needles Freeway

A segment of Interstate 40 ( I-40), one of the longest interstate highways in the U.S., Needles Freeway crosses the Mojave Desert on the way to Arizona. Formerly part of Historic Route 66, this freeway is dangerous due to speeding, distracted, and fatigued drivers. Semi-truck accidents are also common due to the long hours truck drivers spend on the road.

5. Cajon Pass 

According to a study conducted by MoneyGeek analyzing NHTSA data, I-15 between Exit 138 and Exit 129 is California’s deadliest roadway. This mountain pass that connects greater San Bernardino to Victor Valley is notorious for high winds, fog, and turbulence. Located about 35 miles north of downtown San Bernardino in Hesperia, it has been the site of nearly 20 fatal collisions between 2017 and 2019.

6. I-215 

A 54.5-mile interstate highway in the Inland Empire, I-215 has undergone many improvements over the years, but still remains a perilous route. The I-215 from Exit 44B to Exit 39 is especially dangerous, with 13 fatalities in the span of two years. Drivers should exercise extreme caution to avoid a crash involving passenger vehicles, semi-trucks, and bicycles.

7. Bear Valley Road

A busy and often congested thoroughfare, Bear Valley Road crosses multiple San Bernardino cities including Victorville, Hesperia, and Apple Valley. The winding nature of the road, with its steep grades and sharp turns, can be challenging to navigate, especially for inexperienced drivers or during inclement weather. Its intersections can be deadly for pedestrians and cyclists who may be crossing.


San Bernardino Car Accident Statistics

Single vehicle collision in San Bernardino

Car accidents are a serious concern in San Bernardino County, with numerous traffic collisions each year. In 2019, there were 16,123 people injured or killed in traffic accidents in San Bernardino County, a 35% increase since 2010.

Additionally, the Office of Traffic Safety’s California Traffic Safety Assessment reported that in 2019, San Bernardino County had the highest number of alcohol-involved fatal and injury crashes per capita compared to other counties in California.


Protect Your Rights in a San Bernardino Motor Vehicle Crash

If you are involved in a motor vehicle crash in San Bernardino County, it is crucial to protect your rights to ensure you receive fair compensation for your injuries and damages.

  • If you are injured, call the police immediately and seek medical attention. Once law enforcement arrives on the scene, make sure the officer creates a police report.
  • Exchange information with all parties involved, including names, contact information, and insurance details.
  • Take photos of the accident scene, damages to vehicles, and any visible injuries.
  • Avoid making statements or admitting fault, as these could be used against you later.
  • Contact your insurance company to report the accident, but be cautious with what you say.
  • Consult with an experienced car accident attorney in San Bernardino to protect your legal rights.

Contact a San Bernardino Car Accident Lawyer 

Traffic collision attorney

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